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Italian Hustla

The organizers of “Italian Hustla” are excited to announce an exceptional exhibition, scheduled during the Gods of Ink Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt, from April 19 to 21, 2024. This exhibition focuses on the art of black and grey and lettering, offering a space dedicated to creativity and innovation in Italian art.

The Essence of “Italian Hustla”
“Italian Hustla” is a stage celebrating the fusion between Chicano and Italian art, highlighting black and grey work by Italian artists. This event provides a unique opportunity to express this cultural combination, promoting a creative dialogue that leaves a distinctive mark on the international art scene.

Exhibition Highlights
The exhibition is a collaboration between Brigante, Ivano Natale, and Macko, aimed at valuing and highlighting Italian artists. Guest of honor Franco Vescovi, a reference point and bridge connecting Chicano and Italian culture. The artists’ selection aims to present a diverse panorama of contemporary Italian art.

Format and Style of the Works
Each artist is invited to present a black and grey work measuring 50×70 cm. This format allows for a uniform exhibition while showcasing the individual technical and creative abilities of the artists.

The organizers of “Italian Hustla,” with support from Miki Vialetto and the Gods of Ink Tattoo Convention of Frankfurt, are confident that the exhibition will establish itself as a significant event for modern Italian art, offering an exceptional showcase for artists and a memorable experience for art lovers.

April 19-20-21 2024

Messe Forum Frankfurt

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