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Ransho Mandala Petrospective Exhibition by Masato Sudo

I have been pursuing the beauty of Japanese tattoos for half a century. Tattoos are both powerful and very fragile. As we exist in the great cycle of nature’s workings, the human body will one day perish. No matter how much effort is put into a tattoo, it is destined to disappear with life. And I, too, will one day come to the end of my filming.

Mandala art can be found in many countries around the world, and is created using a variety of materials, including paint, sand, thread, and glass, to express what words alone cannot convey. The word Mandala means a circle, a disk, or an assemblage, and it shows a worldview of connected harmony. It depicts that all events and substances in the world are in a constant state of change, yet are interrelated and have influence on each other.

Tattoos have also had a mysterious power to connect people since ancient times and have a miraculously long history of carving regardless of country or language. I believe that tattoos are not only a way to color the surface of the body, but also act as a very mystical medium where the soul can reside deep in one’s heart and spirituality. My photographs portray a collaboration of the passions of three people: the engraver, the engraved, and the photographer, all of whom have burned their souls in a single era.

The passion reflected in the photographs will exist in the memories of the people who see them, and will become the sensitivity that will color the future, to possibly become the power that will open up a new world that is constantly changing.

With this wish in mind, we have titled the photo exhibition RANSHO MANDALA. We hope that people who are living in the same era with us will enjoy the exhibition.

March 28-29-30 2025

Messe Forum Frankfurt

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