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Keaps Exhibiton

I am Mexican/American Artist that for the past 5 years have been living and working out of Europe namely the Czech Republic. As the calligraphy/Lettering world has blown up and has produced many amazing artist, I’ve worked tirelessly to obtain a distinguished style something that can be solely attributed to my hard work.

Besides that I also wish to inspire or spark unique creativity in other artist as the greats have done. Through the process of that I have found myself in a path of endless possibilities by using calligraphy brush strokes and multilayering to shape my work of art

Also using my life experiences as inspiration to dominate my talent. Ive done and learned to do art from some school classes/graffiti and also from sitting in jail cells over the years. For this particular exhibition and taking into account the occasion my goal is to touch on various tattooing styles and subject matters, ranging from the abstract to the most traditional styles. You are invited to see the outcome at the Gods of ink event.

April 19-20-21 2024

Messe Forum Frankfurt

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