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"Take Me Back to Me" - An Exhibition by JEE Saya

The exhibition “Take Me Back to Me” by JEE Saya is a unique collection of screenprints intervened with Chinese ink and sculptures that merges icons from classic animated series with Japanese motifs horimono 彫り物. Inspired by the phrase “To each time, its art.

And to each art, its freedom”, this exhibition highlights the fusion between nostalgia and modernity, where each piece acts as a canvas without eraser.

“Take Me Back to Me” reflects the essence of art as an expression without restrictions. Its tattoos act as liberators and protectors of human essences, challenging false modesty with irony and satire about what many consider untouchable.

It offers a unique and powerful look at the intersection of cultures and styles, inviting the viewer to rediscover the essence of art and their own identity.

March 28-29-30 2025

Messe Forum Frankfurt

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